Moving stories

In this video you see a young lady testing the CoMoveIT Smart on a test chair after only 20 minutes. You notice a very smooth and controlled way of driving, already at a speed level which she herself requested to gear up. She uses her right foot as gas pedal and steers left and right with the head. Although the involuntary movements are still there, you see how the smart algorithm makes smooth driving and full control possible in a very short time period. She has a good symmetrical position in the chair, her arms are no longer waving around. Thanks to the function of her feet, she accepts the straps that keep her legs at ease as well. Her control is very high, clearly leading to a fun experience for her.

Bart (head of physiotherapy department at Dominiek Savio Belgium):

“I’m surprised how fast and well she learns”,

during a test of CoMoveIT Smart by one of the children at Dominiek Savio


“I’m very satisfied!

He uses a lot less force with this CoMoveIT Smart system and uses his tension a lot better. 

The system he uses now forces W. to apply his tension to drive, while the CoMoveIT Smart avoids the use of his tension.

This will bring him a lot more calm and rest!”,

after a test of CoMoveIT Smart by an adolescent boy.  


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