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reaching the greatest possible

independent mobility

for people with

complex movement disorders


CoMoveIT Smart


The unique head-foot steering system for your powered wheelchair which automatically adapts to you


- Forget the learning hassle
- Constant tweaking by your caregivers is history
- Smooth driving control is reality


Also for you!

Moving Stories

Imagine a high level of freedom to move
Access to places you never reached before
Go along with friends and family
Visiting a play yard, a museum, a life show 
Taking a smooth turn in a speed race


Experience the marriage of
new hi-tech and rehab expertise
hey, that’s  smile

Experience quality of life, experience the fun of life

Get in touch

We’re not very fond of complexity, so to contact us, simply send an e- mail to info@comoveit.com, or, why not, just call CEO Frederik Vervenne on +32 477 880 175.

If you prefer to leave your e-mail address or phone number,  we’ll be happy to contact you: 


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CoMoveIT pilots its activities out of the beautiful BRUGES:

In cooperation with Brugge.INC
Baron Ruzettelaan 5/1.1
8310 Assebroek (Brugge) - Belgium


Baron Ruzettelaan 5 / 1.1

8310 Assebroek (Bruges) - Belgium


+32 477 880 175